Wednesday, November 11, 2009

101st Airborne and David Limbaugh Respond to My Blog

I wrote about the moral implications of Barack Obama's dithering about the Fort Hood mass murder here and also here.

David Limbaugh, celebrity author, responds:

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From: David Limbaugh
To: Mitchell Langbert
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 9:00 AM
Subject: Re: Barack Obama's Moral Confusion About Murder

Bravo! Well done!

As well, Jim Crum and a member of the 101st Airborne (if you recall, the historic subject of the classic HBO series, Band of Brothers) write:



You've been read by a large number of 101st Airborne, active and retired. A few responses to this have even come in from overseas, yeah the "dumb soldiers", those 22 year old yokels, are actually not so "dumb" and I would argue are better read than many of your faculty...because they are required to. But that's another story.

The missive immediately below is from a man who is largely responsible for intelligence. Good man.

Thanks for Bob Robbins for sending this along.


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Sent: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 12:51 am
Subject: America's Growing Moral Bankruptcy

An offering contribution from a correspondent of mine, and a Christian conservative.

If Christian conservatives are going to be the sole custodians of virtues and morality in our culture, we need to listen to what many of them have to say with a fine-tuned ear. The title of the article that was forwarded is poignant and valid. Moral bankruptcy, and its manifestations in multiculturalism, are one reason why our nation is being crippled by concepts like political correctness, speech codes, hate-crimes laws (the very idea that "crime" must be modified by the adjective "hate" in order to somehow make a crime more of a crime is a politically correct contradiction that somehow adds even more degrees to violations of law, life and property). Moral relativism is, or seems to be, the code by which Barack Obama lives, and by which he is trying to lead the nation. Itself a bankrupt ideology, the "conciliatory" exterior of moral relativism cannot survive the scrutiny of logic and reason (or even the light of day). The concept is a contradiction in terms by its own construct. If everyone is entitled to "their truth" then truth has no meaning in an absolute sense, since by logical test A cannot be A and Not-A at the same time and in the same reference. Therefore, the "relativity of truth" is a cruel contradiction, and a hopelessly tangled logical error. Likewise, as Daniel Patrick Moynahan said: One may be entitled to one's own opinion, but not one's own facts." By this, Moynahan lamented the idea that debates must have rules, and those rules must be applied in order for discourse and dialogue to take place at all. Without framework, even simple conversations are only two sides speaking past each other and not treating the subject. We saw this the past week from none other than the flagrant violator of truth and logic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The "fact" that she "believes" what she says (at the moment she says it) does not make her "honest." In fact, Pelosi is by far the most dishonest and corrupt politician in the Houses of Congress today, because she has sold her honor and integrity for power. That is a far more dangerous variety of greed than just selling one's vote for money. Sown within the nineteen hundred pages of the national health care reform bill are the seeds of the downfall of our economic system, and the substitution of government by edict from an elite oligarchy who will ultimately strive to control every system of authority and power (and wealth) in our nation. This is so far distant from the spirit of the law enshrined in the US Constitution that we gasp in distress, since the Constitution as written and as intended in law is slowly disappearing from sight--driven from its primary place by a collectivist philosophy that espouses the very things that created the rift between the thirteen colonies and the "mother country" in the eighteenth century. The states are becoming the "colonies" of a "federal" system that is neither federal nor a system, but a community of "philosopher kings" who presume because they were elected by a majority constituency of their home district, that they have the right to remodel the entire government structure to suit their majority instead of the entire "constituency" population of their home district.

And the great waffler-in-chief, Barack Obama, continues to say much and nothing at the same time. He speaks to his audiences with great conviction, with the help of a teleprompter, and he has a charisma that conceals his ambition and truly bankrupt moral conviction that "everyone should have an equal chance at the pie." This is totally different from everyone having a chance at improving their lives, getting a job and making their own choices. The recent legislation, including health care "reform" is aimed at developing further the "welfare class client" system of voters dependent on the federal government for every essential of life, without paying any (monetary) penalty for the privilege. It is not an "opportunity." Yesterday, I sent out an article with comments that showed the real cost to the recipients of government "aid" in terms of an intangible burden placed on them and the rest of society that has a cost figure, in percent, at least, attached. As long as our nation continues to assume that we can control our urban poor minorities by throwing money and "benefits" at them in turn for their vote, we will have no chance of changing the course of the ship of our state, which, in my view, is bound for some very troubled waters, and soon..


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