Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barack Obama's Moral Confusion About Murder

I had previously blogged about the difference between the moral richness described in Maratha Nussbaum's Fragility of Goodness and Barack Obama's cretinous response to mass murder. As I awaken this morning, I am reminded of the moral degeneracy of the New York Times with respect to Walter Duranty's reports about the Soviet Union in the 1930s and the failure of the American left to question the mass starvation in the Ukraine. The American left has never systematically examined its response to Stalin's mass murder of 65 million people, the worst in history, and the left's moral support of that mass murder. The left's hands have been and continue to be caked thick with blood. It is a movement of psychopathic apologists for murder.

In this light, America's communist president is unable to condemn the mass murder at Fort Hood. To the left, mass murder has always been a matter of moral complexity. To the left-controlled mass media and to our communist president, mass murder is a gray area to be debated. The killing of 100,000 people by Fidel Castro is a matter over which the New York Times glosses. Mao's killing of 25 million is a matter for the Times to ignore, or to publish an article about Mao in 1971 that said how well the Chinese state was working. And when the author, John Kenneth Galbraith, dies, do not mention that he wrote or the Times published such an article, but criticize Milton Friedman, who helped Pinochet, who murdered 3,000 people.

Such is a degenerate America, ruled by holocaust deniers and apologists for murder, led by a president who sees moral ambiguity in the mass murder of Americans killed by a traitor.

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