Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Message From J Crum


I'm coming at you from my personal email...

I have been sending and moving information along to a good number of people in the last few months. People intuitively are worried about the spending and debt. They "get it" and see nothing but wasted money with little in return.

The health care issue is different as it will impact everyone personally. Once they see the expenses, the distortions and the really twisted logic things will change. I think the apolitical are becoming political.

What is the killer is the 4th estate. They are largely now a mouth piece of the liberal party and for now still set the agenda.

So, as I see things right now, it is a race. A race to see who will win: communists/statists vs we the people and our republic.

Too early to tell, but the odds are against us right now. The irony is that the bankrupting policies may actually in the long term end up saving the republic itself. The left will be financially and morally castrated, the other side poor but intellectually intact.

Our strength never lay in our money. It never has. It lay in our ideals, our understanding of the nature of man and what works. Mitchell, the increasingly real possibility exists that the recent oversteps may destroy the cancer that is eating our nation. The left needs its institutions and perspective to be totally destroyed and rendered invalid. Recent decisions will make that a near certainty, it is just that along the way, there will be terrific harm.

The patient will be sickened, but will recover.

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