Monday, November 9, 2009

Contrairimairi on Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

I just received this from Contrairimairi in Chicago.

> I saw one of the interviews with the Col. He was spot on! This man should be calling more of the shots for the military. He does NOT mince words or play remember....the way our military USED to be!

I just sent out info on how P/C was destroying this Country recently. Everyone has to constantly "pussy-foot" around issues in fear they "might" insult someone else......BALDERDASH!

In my world now, there is ONLY "black and white" my Dad. What an AMAZING person he was! How I miss him! He was 100% Polish......and LOVED Polish jokes. He just couldn't get enough of them. I am 1/2 Polish, and much like my Dad, I love and retell Polish jokes like there was no tomorrow. Anyone who may be insulted....PLUG YOUR EARS!

This has gotten so unbelievably out of hand.....P/C is what empowers people like PIGLOSI! Keep the masses scurrying on "non-issues".....and BLAST them when they are not looking....or....even when they ARE!

I am no longer comfortable with "waiting" till the mid-terms. I believe Americans must REMOVE every member of Congress, the usurper-in-chief.......AND all members of our judiciary until we find trustworthy replacements who will ADHERE to the Constitution. All laws passed since Chet Arthur should be repealed. We now know he was also a usurper. Nothing he did was legal....and therefore.....IMHO....everything since can be judged on that foundation....and DISMISSED!

That means, OUT with the FED! OUT with IRS and Income Tax......out with Medicare and Medicaid......I say, turn it over to the private sector, and let them run with it. Things will be a bit messy for a while.....but I believe only for the short term. Americans are VERY good at working against the odds....and I am on the side of our People.

Call me crazy, but there is a story out today calling for the end of Congress since it's practicality is long out-dated. We have instant access to media....legislation.....and it is not difficult for the People to vote and have their decision COUNT! I am for it.....those who care to take the time to insure this Country is guided under Constitutional Principles should be checking the situation out. There is no more need for Congress, and they DO NOT represent their constituents anyway.

GOD Bless you,

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