Thursday, November 12, 2009

Johansen Calls Olive Reporting The Pits

I just received this e-mail from Town of Olive Conservative Party chairman Chris Johansen. Paul Smart is the editor of the Town penny saver, the Olive Press.

>Dear Paul:

I was not real happy with the results of this last election but I think we accomplished something and I had a lot of fun. One thing that I wasn't at all happy with was the complete lack of reporting on town meetings. I don't know why a town paper can't have a reporter covering town meetings especially budget meetings. I don't think Gary will report a meeting unless something of personal interest to him is on the agenda.

Paul if you cant get someone to regularly cover our town meetings a couple of us are going to start a town newspaper at least for now on the Internet. I am interested in your thoughts on this please get back to me.


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