Monday, November 9, 2009

"So this is How Liberty Dies -With Thunderous Applause"

I just received this message from Jim Crum. I have nothing to add. Of course, I have not watched the Democratic Party's press corps. The health plan is one more nail in the coffin of freedom. Happily, I have no children.

"So this is How Liberty Dies -With Thunderous Applause"
-Doug Mataconis (Below the Beltway) re:a line in Star Wars.

Jim writes:

Folks, I am still sickened by recent events. A press corps so emasculated by PC, that they cannot call another act of terrorism by a Muslim exactly what it is and why it was done. A President with terrific oratorical skill blowing a "gimme" presser as he is unable to distinguish when it is appropriate to be jovial and when it is not. The recent events on the CAP-N-Trade bill- sure to hit most households with a minimum $2000 in taxes. Last night's vote on this monstrosity of a health care bill. The WSJ is now saying that people in the upper middle class can expect to pay 20% of their gross income on this wickedness. Others will be forced to show on their 1040 that they are "paying up" the Pelosi street tax, or be fined and go to jail- except illegal aliens, of course. They don't pay. I feel like a nervous observer outside of a delivery room. Hearing nothing but screaming, I can tell things are not going well. So it is with our nation. What deformed creature has congress given birth to, and just what exactly, am I supposed to do?

Sleep is not coming easy to me lately. Time for a bourbon before bed; I need it.
Stay sharp, events will begin to move quickly.


I have nothing to add.

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