Thursday, November 12, 2009

Voice Your Opposition to the Health Bill

Netty Weisbaum writes:


Obama provides his people a link to contact media to support healthcare bill! We can take advantage of it!

We can use this same link to OPPOSE it. Dick Morris says we have to get 8% points in disapproval ratings to defeat it! Please follow this link, send your letter of opposition. (and continue to fax)

Thanks Sandra for providing me this info:

Barack Obamas " Organizing for America " has put the call out for people to Email their local papers and write a letter to the editor. They have created a VERY easy and fast way to write all your local papers with just a few key strokes. PLEASE take a minute to do this today and jump behind enemy lines to help kill the bill.

Here's what we need to do :

Go to :

1. Put in your Zip code. You will be redirected to a page where you enter all your address information.

2. Check all the boxes for all of your local papers.

3. NOW CAREFUL THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART ! DO NOT CLICK NEXT. Instead Click " 2. Compose Letter " this is in the top middle of the page. This will allow you to compose your own letter to the editor against the healthcare bill.

4. Write your letter to the editor against the healthcare bill.

5. Now click Next

6. Preview your letter to the editor and click Send Email

Here is my letter:

Dear Congressman Hinchey:

Health care reform at this juncture is ill advised and inappropriate. At present, Americans pay an extreme and extortionate share of national income in taxes. Many in Ulster County are paying $1,000 per month in property taxes. The total national tax bill is in excess of 50%. An expensive health reform bill will bankrupt the nation. There are numerous additional problems with it, including the potential affects on medical innovation, which no "public health expert" understands and none will get right.

I urge you to vote against health reform.


Mitchell Langbert


Anonymous said...

Okay Dr. Langbert -- the Health Care bill is defeated. How are you going to insure 47 million Americans. Or how are you going to prevent 45000 deaths every year because of the lack of insurance. Needless to say you have government insurance and a cushy job. So why should you care? Also, Dr. Langbert, this is open enrollment period. My insurance premium for next year is going up. Would you care to suggest a plan to reduce my premiums. Or shall I wait for the free market and liberty to persuade the insurance companies to do the needful.

Mitchell Langbert said...

You make a number of strange assumptions. First, are you certain that the blockages on innovation that the current government-dominated health care system has created have not been responsible for 45,000,000,000 deaths globally each year?

Government-dominated economies were the rule until the 18th century. Life expectancy did not increase from the time of the Greeks until the 18th century. Under laissez faire capitalism, life expectancy increased from 35 to 50 in 1900 to currently 75+.

This occurred not because of national health insurance but because of the wealth generating characteristics of capitalism.

The United States has attacked free market individualist capitalism to the point where now 50% of the economy is socialist. Most of the innovation in health care occurs in only one country, the one country with a remnant of a free market. If you destroy the remnant of the free market, why on earth do you think that the mortality reductions that occurred under capitalism will continue to occur?

The reason health costs go up is entirely due to socialism. First, artificial stimulation of demand for insurance through tax exemptions. Second, licensure and other limits on competition. Third, the absence of global competition. An operation in India costs 5-10% of what it costs here, yet the hospitals have been reluctant to open branches overseas. Might the reason be related to regulation? I think so.

Health care costs did not begin escalating until the 1970s, within a decade of passage of Medicare and Medicaid and within 2-3 decades of widespread adoption of third party payer insurance. Both of these are due to government policies.

The solution to health care costs include globalization of treatment. If the uninsured want insurance, they need to work a second or third job as many people do.

When I was a benefits manager I saw employees who turned down health insurance. They were therefore uninsured. When I tried to convince them to take the heavily subsidized coverage they got angry with me. That was their choice.

If someone wants to get $10,000 for family coverage, they need to work an additional job to cover it. I personally worked three jobs for 13 years to pay for my house. I'm confused why you think that Americans are incapable of working a second job.

Anonymous said...

Nice rhetorical flourish Dr. Langbert. Construct a strawman and then destroy it. You are good, very very good. And Dr. Langbert, if the costs keep escalating, do I keep on working additional jobs. Maybe 4 jobs, maybe 5 jobs, maybe 6 jobs. Where does it end? And perhaps I should put my wife to work. And then my children too. In your free market individualist capitalist world child labor should be permitted. Yea I get it. Free market capitalism. It solves all the problems.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Your ignorance of history is exceeded by your ignorance of health care and your religious and bigoted commitment to hatred of free market capitalism. I am curious--if market capitalism is so bad, why not move to Cuba? or North Korea?

Do you think that you are the one who has constructed a straw man? I do not blame you because given the chorus of indoctrination Americans receive in their benighted public schools and universities, those unable to think for themselves will inevitably bend to the will of the
pro-Wall Street socialists, those who condemn capitalism but favor 4 trillion dollar handouts to the very rich, to the Nancy Pelosis, Goldman Sachses, etc.

In Cuba they all have health care valued at $250 per year,which is why, I assume, you hypocritically refuse to move to their non-market economy.

In India, there has been socialism since World War II, and today India leads the world in childhood mortality. Yes, you socialists have butchered not in the millions, not in the tens of millions, perhaps not even in the hundreds of millions (those directly killed by socialist states like China and the Soviet Union are over 100 million). Rather, socialism has butchered in the billions when you count the countless numbers whose poverty led to their early deaths, as it has in socialist India.

But you do not volunteer to eat what you serve. You simply condemn freedom in America but refuse to move to Cuba or North Korea. I excuse your ignorance because of the brainwashing in schools and in the Democratic Party media. But I do not excuse your inability to think morally or to equivocate about the mass murders in which socialism has engaged. Your refusal to read sources other than the drivel provided you by Michael Moore. That is a failure on your part.

Mitchell Langbert said...

And PS--the reason Americans are forced to work three jobs is the heavy government toll on the economy that has eliminated increases in the real hourly wage.

In 1971 Richard M. Nixon abolished the gold standard. The Democrats were ecstatic. He did what they wanted but were afraid to do. Since then, the real hourly wage has not increased. Rather, the Fed has printed money.

As a result, increasing living standards have been possible only through more hours worked. This is due to government.

The tax burden on Americans now is 3 times what it was in 1950. In 1950 15% of national income went to tax at the local, state and federal levels. Today it is about 50%.

What do Americans get for the tax burdern? Bridges to nowhere; massive numbers of government employees who send memos to each and produce no value; garbage "services" like social security which are scurrilous redistribution schemes from the future to the present or from the productive to the unproductive; and one stupid, incompetent program after the next, none of which the Republicrats are willing to abolish.

Given the thieving 50% tax rate it is not surprising that Americans have trouble paying for the basics. Socialist thieves are stealing their money.

Your solution to government's ongoing destruction of productivity in America is one of true genius--more thieving, more stupidity, more New York City subway like programs, or turning our health care system into the rat-infested New York City subway.

Finally, you did not answer my chief point, which is that, de-regulation, management innovation and globalization can solve the health cost issue. You did not answer it because you are clueless as to how.

Your brainwashers on NBC and Michael Moore can't answer that, so you can't.

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain to me how the Chinese, a communist country, with a command economy has captured most of our manufacturing jobs. A Communist country Dr. Langbert, not socialist but Commie, a country with high taxes, a country that has no innovation. Yet they are gobbling up our jobs. Wow. They are obviously doing something right. And it has nothing to do with free market capitalism -- it is a COMMIE country.

And Dr. Langbert can you please give me the citation for this comment: "and today India leads the world in childhood mortality."
I found this citation and please correct me if I am wrong

Last Dr. Langbert your health insurance is provided by the government. Do you not think that you should buy insurance in the open market?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Regarding India's infant mortality, there is much available on the Web, such as:

The article begins: "New Delhi: One out of every four children in the world, who die under the age of one, is an Indian. These are the latest 2008 Unicef figures.

The Unicef’s latest figures released last week state that infant mortality rate in the country is 57 per thousand live births"

This follows more than sixty years of Indian socialism, inspired by the British Fabian socialists. They lead the world in infant mortality. The tragedy is that the Indians are an intelligent, capable people, capable of progress at least as great as ours. But their socialist economic system has murdered hundreds of millions of infants.

As far as China, the claim that jobs migrating there is entirely due to "capitalism" is ridiculous. Under a free market system, imbalances correct themselves because the money supply becomes scarcer as products from overseas are purchased. That is, if government is not printing money and if there is a free market, capitalist economy including the money supply not being socialized, then when plants move overseas because of low labor costs, the dollar becomes cheaper. The reason is that there is less demand for dollars. Dollars are being used to purchase overseas goods. The cheaper dollar makes the overseas goods more expensive, and the imbalance corrects itself.

In our economy there has been aggressive, absurd management by the socialist dictators of the Federal Reserve Bank. First, they print lots of dollars, then then convince their fellow dictators in China who are dumb to buy the dollars. This stimulates low wage employment at China, made even lower wage by the dumb deal.

Thus, the Fed and the Chinese have made a deal. If you keep buying our dollars, we'll keep printing them. Employment in China was stimulated but wages are unbelievably low because (a) of the natural excess of labor in China and (b) because the Chinese are penalizing their workers by cheapening the Yuan.

How long can this continue? I do not know, but I am getting out of the dollar myself, and I am able to do this because the few remnants of capitalism and freedom in this country permit me. But those who do not (and if we lived in a socialist America as in the 1930s, then no one could) will lose their money subsidizing Wall Street. The dollar is going to hell in a handbasket to subsidize
Wall Street.

That is why jobs have emigrated to China, too.

As the Chinese realize that they've been acting as chumps, as I believe they have, they will be selling dollars. Wages will go up. Manufacturing jobs there will decrease in number.

And your savings will be decimated. So although I don't know you, I will be nice to you and give you some useful advice:

Do not trust the socialists in power. Get out of the dollar. Buy commodities (GLD, HUI, DBA, the Euro via Everbank or UDN).

The sky is falling thanks to American socialism.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mitchell Langbert said...

Riddle: Q. What's black and white and red all over? A. A newspaper.