Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Napolitano versus West

I seem to have mixed friendships. On the one hand, Phil Orenstein has been arguing for Allen West for president. West is a retired Lt. Col. who was stationed at Fort Hood (see audio). On the other, Glenda McGee just e-mailed that she favors Andrew Napolitano.

Glenda writes in favor of Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano:

Subject: Brilliant Idea--Andrew Napolitano for President.

A constitutional Lawyer, not a politician, well known, respected by left and right, pass it on to EVERYONE.

Pawlenty, weak, Romney a Rino, Sarah, great but hated by too many.

Pass it on to all.

Phil writes in favor of Lt. Col. Allen West


Here is Lt Col. Allen West's terrific interview on the Steve Maltzberg show earlier today:
Thank you Honest Conservative, Pat Carfagno for preparing the Podcast!

Also just heard the good news at the end of the interview. Allen remarked that he will be in NYC on Jan 12th for a Hudson Institute sponsored event. I will send details as soon as I have them, but for now all Patriots mark your calendars for that day and let's give the good Col. a big patriotic New York welcome and send-off to Congress!!


I think that Phil and Glenda are on the right track. We need an infusion of new blood into the national leadership of the Republican Party. Any new candidates need to be vetted on support for the bailout and a game plan for elimination of much of the junk government in Washington, such as the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

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Phil Orenstein said...

Thank you, Mitch for the plug for Allen West!