Monday, November 9, 2009

Hinchey Aims to Bureaucratize Hudson River

Glenda McGee just sent me this article about Congressman Maurice Hinchey's plan to turn the Hudson Valley into a national park. I can imagine that the right to re-hab your house, put in a new bathroom, or sneeze without permission from the goose steppers in Washington will be eliminated.

Adam Bosch of the Times Herald Record

"KINGSTON — Congressman Maurice Hinchey wants the federal government to adopt the Hudson River Valley as a unit of the National Park Service.

"The designation would make the valley eligible for more federal grants to boost conservation, historic preservation and tourism."

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whatsthebigidea said...

Congressman Hinchey has been an outspoken advocate for our Valley's natural resources and open space. That is why I'm very disturbed by the congressman's unwillingness to respect Saugerties Village planned waterfront. Saugerties is his hometown and the location of the Partition Street Project of which he is part owner. Tom Struzieri (Horses in The Sun),John Mullen and Congressman Hinchey co-own this magnificent 7 acre Esopus Creek property which is also a popular attraction since the Cantine Mill Dam and falls reside there.

The current Partition Street Project (December 08,2009) site plans severely restrict public access to the waterfront, obstruct the public's view of the dam's falls and give little or no consideration for the surrounding business district. The property lies in the middle of two historic Village districts and is at the gateway of Saugerties Village Historic Business District.

It was in 2001 that Congressman Hinchey promoted the exact same property as "Cantine Mill Park" for which the public could enjoy and local businesses could benefit from. The congressman has ignored calls to sit down with community members who have expressed similar concerns about the "walled-off" design which resembles a shopping mall. In a recent interview the congressman dismissed calls to allow public access or a waterfront walkway. It was this past September that congressman Hinchey ceremoniously helped secure $1,000,000.00 for Kingston's Roundout Waterfront Walkway project.

Why would he feel that Saugerties Village isn't worth the same advocacy which he has fought for for other Hudson Valley communities? Saugerties is his hometown and deserves better treatment from our beloved legislator.

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