Saturday, November 7, 2009

Democratic Party Media A Waste of Time

Rick writes:

"MSM disconnectedness

"Those who seriously follow journalism today, or what passes for it, will not be surprised by what follows but it's something that needs to be discussed and passed on nevertheless.

"Despite reports of Major Nidal Malik Hasan's Muslim devoutness, videos of him in traditional martyr's garb the morning of the shooting, eyewitness reports of his screaming "Allahu Akbar" before murdering and injuring his victims, claims by those present at a professional conference detailing his references to unbelievers needing to be beheaded, burned, etc. according to the Koran, despite all these tell-tale items, members of the media are hell-bent on reporting on anything but the truth, and I do mean anything."

My response:

>The Democratic Party media are so full of lies and bullshit that I'm surprised that you watch it. Incidentally, I have made the argument many times that the phrase "MSM" or "mainstream media" is inappropriate, inaccurate and wrong. The "media" is Democratic Party media, they represent the views of the Democratic Party, so they are partisan, not mainstream. For a while I was grappling with an alternative phrase to use but I do not believe any is necessary. The TV stations other than Fox and many of the newspapers and magazines are, simply, the Democratic Party media or propaganda outlets or PR wing. They are not mainstream. Fox is the Republican media.

Once you've accepted that point of view, your time can be rediverted into creating new ideas that will benefit Republicans, libertarians and conservatives. Why allow the Democratic Media to distract you?

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vakeraj said...

To what extent do you believe libertarians should work within the Republican Party versus third parties, like the Libertarian Party? Can libertarians really forge an alliance with pro-war Republicans?