Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloran's Awesome Victory

Dan Halloran, a Queens attorney and New York State chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus, won a New York City Council seat in Democratic territory, Queens, New York. This is the first time a New York Republican Liberty Caucus-backed candidate has won, so it is a matter of some interest to us. Thus, although the Republican Liberty Caucus group in New York is only about 2-3 years old (if that) it has already had a major victory. (Note: I am the state secretary and I occasionally blog for the national RLC website.)

The NY RLC's founder, Carl Svensson, e-mailed the group on Wednesday that Halloran had won. My good friend Phil Orenstein, had been heavily involved in Halloran's campaign and had been e-mailing me with the campaign's progress through the election season.

The Halloran victory is important for several issues. First, a liberty Republican's winning a City Council seat in the socialist capital of the United States, New York City, is a major victory for freedom.

Second, we need to study the dynamics of this election to help support the aims of future liberty Republicans. It is likely that the reaction to the repeated failures of Republicrat, and specifically Obama, socialism and Obama's incompetent and greedy donation of trillions of dollars to America's wealthy on Wall and Broad while the good people of Queens see ever higher taxes, may have played a role. No victory is purely because of nature or nurture.

As Queens blows, so can blow Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Staten Island. Even Manhattan may fall as the American economy deteriorates due to Republicrat policies.

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