Monday, November 2, 2009

A RINO's Stripes

Tony Romm of The reports that Dede Scozzafava has endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens, in the NY 23rd Congressional District rather than the Conservative whom the Republicans are backing. The Republican leadership asked "Republican in Name Only" ("RINO") Scozzafava to step down from the race because she was trailing the Conservative, Doug Hoffman.

Like most Democrats and RINOs, Scozzafava reminds me of a woman I once met at a local bar: "Buy me a scotch and I'll do you a 'fava'".


Anonymous said...

I read this in the paper yesterday, and I was floored! I thought that this must be some kind of mistake. She is not a RINO, she is a SNAKE.

Anonymous said...

NY-23 -- the race is being called by NBC for Owens (D). What is the excuse now -- that it is ACORN's fault?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Actually, Mr. Anonymous, the Democrats' winning is due to the high mental retardation rate in the North Country. Mental retardation is a common characteristic of Democratic Party voters.

Of course, the fact that 1.5 million productive people left New York State between 2000 and 2007 in response to the Democrats' extortionate taxes and non-existent "services" likely has a lot to do with it too. As the non-working elites whom the Democrats represent, government employees, their moral leaders on Wall and Broad, and the racketeers at ACORN increasingly extract rents from the State's declining tax base, New York increasingly becomes viable only by attempting to steal money from the rest of America. Sooner or later the country will tire of supporting New York, and the Democrats' Ponzi scheme will implode.

Then, the Democrats' moral leaders on Wall and Broad and the state's bloated government sector will have to find productive work for the first time in their lives.