Thursday, October 15, 2009

Town Subsidies to Democratic Party Legal?

Dear Board of Elections;

I have a question. I am aware of a Town that provides in-kind benefits in the form of trash removal and police serving as labor for a Democratic Party fundraiser in the town. The Democratic Party holds an annual fundraising event and the Town pays police to entertain children. When other groups (such as the Republican Party) hold equivalent fundraisers (that are much smaller as the Democratic fundraiser is the largest event) they are charged for park cleanup and there are no services provided, but when the Democrats hold their fundraiser they are not charged, services are donated by the Town and the amounts are much larger into the thousands of dollars (whereas the other groups are small).

Is it legal for the Town to subsidize the Democrats and not the Republicans or anyone else?


Mitchell Langbert

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Anonymous said...

Is it legal for a country to subsidize the Democrats? Obummer is flying all over the country for Democrat fundraising, and the taxpayers are paying for it, right? How legal is that?

But, on the other hand, who's to stop him if he's got control of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.