Monday, October 19, 2009

Man of Great Deeds and Few Words: Chris Johansen Files Complaint with State Comptroller

Chris Johansen filed the following complaint with the New York State Comptroller:

This complaint takes place in the Town of Olive in Ulster County New York. I am reporting the use of town funds and services being used to sponsor an event put on by the town Democratic committee.

On Sept 12th of this year the town Democratic committee (ODC) put on the annual event called Olive day. There are as many as 30 booths rented to anybody who wants one with checks made out to the O.D.C..There is a booth that sells beer for the O.D.C.. These are just some of the money makers for the O.D.C. at this event.
Services that the Town payed for at this event include.

1. There are 7 or 8 town police officers there to put on a bike rodeo for the children.

2. There are two town laborers and a town truck picking up garbage all day

3. This garbage is deposited in a town highway dump truck which on Monday hauled it to Resource recovery in Kingston where it was dumped

On 10/13/09 at a public town board meeting I voiced this complaint. The supervisor with his three democratic board members advised me that Olive day was a town event. He did not explain why my check for booth space is made out to the O.D.C.

The O.D.C. deposits thousands from Olive day while the town picks up the bill for the Expenses.

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