Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter to Edward F. Cox

I have posted (via regular mail and e-mail) the following letter to Edward F. Cox. I invite others to write with similar concerns.

PO Box 130
West Shokan, NY 12494

Mr. Edward F. Cox
Chairman, New York State
Republican Committee
315 State Street
Albany, NY 12210
October 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Cox:

I am a Republican committee person in the Town of Olive, New York and a member of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus. I would like some information about your positions. I understand that you are planning a run for governor. I recently met Rudy Giuliani and am considering backing him. I am considering you as well. However, I would appreciate your answering the following questions, which I will post on my blog,

1. What is your position on the multi-trillion dollar Bush-Obama bailout of Wall Street?

2. What is your plan for reduction of government spending in New York State?

3. What will be your strategy for dealing with Dennis Rivera’s SEIU organization, the various teachers’ unions and other pressure groups that have been sucking the state dry?

4. What is your position on curriculum reform? Are you willing to appoint Diane Ravitch to head the Department of Education and to end the use of New York’s schools for left-wing propaganda?

5. What is your plan to revive New York’s economy from its current public sector-induced death spiral?

6. The extremist left-wing, Democratic Party public relations organization, the New York Times, recently called you a “moderate”. I consider this a serious mark against you. Can you name five critical issues on which you diverge sharply from the Times’ Democratic Party editors? What are the details?

7. How would you have handled the race in the 23rd Congressional district and Dede Scozzafava’s nomination differently from Joe Mondello? Given that the Republican predecessor, John McHugh, was a loot-and-spend, big-government Republican, who was appointed to Secretary of the Army by Barack Obama, what would you have done to induce a smaller-government outcome in the north country?

I am posting this letter on my blog and await your response.


Mitchell Langbert


The Crap Blog Detective said...

You havent even send the damn letter to the man, but just posted it here? What good will that do?

Mitchell Langbert said...

No, that's not so. I mailed it and e-mailed it.

Phil Orenstein said...

Looking forward to CoX's response. Curious if he will buck the state GOP leadership and support Doug Hoffman. If he has the sense to do so, I will think much better of him.

Mitchell Langbert said...

The fact that the man has received praise from the Democratic media suggests that he is intimately linked to the Democrats. As a Patterson Belknap attorney he is very much tied to the bailout recipients and is unlikely to deviate far from the goofball philosophies of George W. Bush and George E. Pataki.

Anonymous said...

"has received praise from the Democratic media suggests that he is intimately linked to the Democrats."
Great logic Dr. Langbert.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, do you suggest that receiving praise from the Democratic media is proof that Cox has opposed them every step of the way? And just why would the New York Times otherwise have so much praise for an unknown corporate attorney likely on the receiving end of the Obama bailout (or at least his employer's clients were)?

And finally, do you think that Mr. Cox can and will respond to my request for a list of five ways that he deviates from the editorial views of the New York Times? Do you think that there actually ARE five ways? If so, what?