Saturday, April 11, 2009

The United States of Goldman Sachs

The recent spectacle of an American President bowing to a Saudi King is a reminder that the United States of America is in serious trouble. The fact is, there is no longer a United States of America in the sense of the nation's being a free republic. Rather, the United States is now an aristocracy under the guidance of the Goldman Sachs investment firm. Barack Obama is merely an employee of Goldman Sachs, as is the US Congress. The American people are simply too stupid to care.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong. It is the United States of Wall Street with the Chinese as the de-facto owners. Sad, but true.

Cowardly Closeted Conservative said...

Hopefully we can pull through this...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should look at these sites and create a post from them:

Anonymous said...

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