Friday, April 10, 2009

America's Batty President

Legendary conservative blogger Doug Ross (h/t Phil Aver)notes that Barack Obama has proposed to shoot pollution particles into the stratosphere to reduce the sun's rays and reduce global warming. It seems that not all the mental cases are in Creedmore. One is in the Whitehouse:

"No, this isn't a hungover April Fool's joke. The Obama administration means business on climate change, even if its plans will destroy businesses large and small. Fox News reports that 'Obama May Block Sun's Rays to End Global Warming'."

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Bug said...

He's more than a loon... he's a lunatic. Fighting something that doesn't exist is idiotic and gives him something to make us look at while his other hand is choking the life out of us. Scientist have already said we're headed for an ice age... but no matter what we, as humans do, will change that fact. Drive more SUVs or ride bikes... if it's gonna get cold we're gonna have to buy more coats. :o)