Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stock Market Pukes in Obama's Face

The Fed has given a massive adrenalin injection to the stock market, specifically, monetary reserves equal to a good 30% of the US money supply. The market was very modestly priced when President Obama assumed office. The uncertainty of the election was over. Inflationist Democrats are in office, which means lots of goodies for Wall Street at the expense of the poor, minorities and working class who think that the Democrats represent them.

True, the Republicans transferred a considerable amount of potential wealth from the public to investors via the bailout and Bernanke monetary expansion. True the Democrats went along with it. Because of these wealth transfers, the market will go up.

But there seems to be another problem that is causing further investor nausea: Democratic Party corruption. The near-300 point drop in the Dow today is in spite of Amerikan Mediazvestia's supporting the crooked, pork laden Democratic Party "stimulus". Investors are no longer merely reflecting Mediazvestia's lies. Instead, investors are puking into the Democratic Party's Congressional pork vomitorium.

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