Friday, February 20, 2009

New Yorkers Turned New York into A Hellhole--Now They're Doing The Same to Florida

New York City exemplifies the terrible destruction that the "progressive" or social democratic ideology has wrought. Once a center of innovation, the corrupt Ochs Sulzbergers and their minions, Robert Moses and the long list of social democratic bozos, have turned New York City into a playground for the super rich. Destroying the light manufacturing and business base; imposing regulation that destroys innovation; attacking business and private initiative through taxes; only the highest-margin service businesses, law, advertising, consulting and investment banking remain in New York. Destroying the housing stock through regulation, labor unions and rent control, the Ochs Sulzbergers and their mindless supporters trumpet how they help the poor and middle class, while they have ghettoized and made the lives of the poor and minority groups hopeless.

New Yorkers have fled the disaster that they have created. But brainwashed by the city's ideological elementary and high schools and by the city's ignorant mediazvestia, New Yorkers continue to advocate the very policies that have made it impossible to remain in New York. One must suppose that in the coming years places like Florida and California will continue to become incompetently run centers of decline, much like New York City.

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Joe Bubel said...

They are already doing it to Ulster County. Those who sought to escape the city, bring those city elite progressive 'values' with them. They consider those of us who were here before them, as 'backwards'. YET, the fail to comprehend, things were running just fine with the 'backwards' folks in charge.

It's funny, how they reject the 'melting pot' theory, when it comes to progressive values and customs. But they don't want you a part of their 'mixing bowl', if you hold on to traditional values and customs.

Speaking of which, do they still teach the 'Melting Pot' vs 'Mixing Bowl' in school? If they do, I am sure the Melting Pot is considered backwards and borderline racist.

BTW, I am a Bronx native, but escaped that hellhole before the education system got to me.