Monday, August 18, 2008

Velvet Hammer of Ironic Surrealism Posts


Just in case you weren't aware. Jerome Corsi brought up the fraudulent COLB on Fox and Friends yesterday morning.

A Freeper posted a transcription.

[Corsi on Fox News 8/15/08]
Jerome Corsi...There are substantive issues...They said I got the incorrect date of Senator Obama’s marriage...what would be really helpful is if Senator Obama would release primary documents like his birth certificate. The campaign has a false, fake birth certificate posted on their website. How is anyone supposed to piece together...

Steve Doocy - What do you mean they have a false birth certificate???

J - The original birth certificate of Obama has never been released and the campaign refuses to release it...

S - couldn’t that just be a state of Hawaii produced duplicate...?

J - No, it’s a, there’s been a good analysis of it on the internet, it’s been shown to have watermarks from photoshop, it’s a fake document that’s on the webs site right now and the original birth certificate, the campaign refuses to produce.

Isn't that rich? ;) From his mouth to the MSM's ears. And of course since Media Matters is all over 'The Obama Nation' story they have published the rumor on their website.

- Velvet Hammer
Ironic Surrealism II

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