Monday, August 18, 2008

Additional Message to the New York State Board of Elections

Last, week, New York State's Secretary of State forwarded my letter to New York's Board of Elections. I wrote a follow up letter to the Board (James A. Walsh, Douglas A. Kellner, Evelyn J. Aquila and Gregory, P. Peterson) and included the following message:

PS—This letter has been posted on my blog since last week. In addition, I am forwarding a petition with more than 5,400 signatures from around the country to the Federal Elections Commission requesting them to take responsibility to verify candidates’ identities. There seems to be no governmental body, including the Board of Elections of New York State, that is willing to step forward and say that it is responsible for the competent administration of elections. In particular, you should be requiring fingerprint, birth certificate, passport, criminal record, driver record and insurance, credit history and similar information of all candidates for office, state and federal, on any ballot in New York State, and this information should be public record. So far, I know of no body involved in the administration of elections that is willing to require of political candidates the same information that many employers require of their employees, who are also voters. Are you certain that no New York candidate has engaged in identity theft?

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