Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Phil Orenstein's "New McCarthyism"

Over at Democracy Project, Phil Orenstein has written a blog about reaction to his Frontpagemag article "Fantasizing the New McCarthyism". Phil's article concerned accusations that discussion of terrorism and 9/11 constitute "McCarthyism". Universities throw conservative students out of education programs because they lack vague "social justice dispositions" and then call any critic of their tactics "McCarthyist". In particular, Sharad Karkhanis has been victimized by a law suit brought by CUNY union-cum-management activist Susan O'Malley. O'Malley, in an attempt to silence Karkhanis, has sued him for disagreeing with her. However, this does not stop O'Malley from calling others, including the exalted Karkhanis and the noble, distinguished and learned CUNY trustee Jeffrey Weisenfeld "McCarthyist":

"She then directed her venom toward CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld whom she described as so anti-Muslim that it’s a contradiction for him to be on the CUNY board...A number of panelists and people in the audience broke into an emotional discussion about the CUNY board and why they should remove Wiesenfeld."

Note the fixation of Susan O'Malley, the PSC leadership and the campus left in general on "removing" anyone with whom they disagree. University professors are too often bigots, and O'Malley and PSC colleagues have lynch mob tactics up their sleeves. Phil's blog notes:

"O’Malley, a long-standing academic public figure had the gall to sit piously on the panel and use the forum for her personal agenda to paint a far-fetched portrait of lies... ."

Phil notes that Muslim Student Associations sometimes are anti-Semitic, a matter of indifference to the Professional Staff Congress leadership. Phil, quotes my blog about Obama's Teapot Dome cabinet and, as well, his debate with a Satanic blogger (really, see link). When you debate with a Satanist, the devil is in the details!

Phil's courage and commitment are outstanding. Bravo Phil!

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