Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Obama Cabinet and the Teapot Dome Scandal

Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers (1968).

During recent debate about Barack Obama's associates, Mr. Obama's proponents have claimed that he should not be accountable for his friends' opinions. But presidents appoint their friends to cabinet and staff posts. In 1924 it was revealed that Warren G. Harding's cabinet appointees had illegally sold medical supplies and leased oil wells to Sinclair Oil interests in the famous Teapot Dome scandal. Let us imagine President Obama's potential cabinet:

Secretary of Education: William Ayers
Secretary of Health Education and Welfare: Rev. Jeremiah Wright
Secretary of the Treasury: George Soros
Secretary of the Interior: Rev. Michael Pfleger
Attorney General: Reverend Louis Farakhan
Secretary of State: Sami al Arian
Postmaster General: Barbara Bowen (president of CUNY's faculty union)
Secretary of Defense: Bob Avakian

Given Mr. Obama's poor judgment in his choice of associates, how many Teapot Dome scandals will ensue from an Obama cabinet?


Anonymous said...

How many did ensue from Bush and friends?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Several. One was the defense secretary. There were a few others. The Democrats he appointed were corrupt too. Timothy Geither was appointed to collect taxes, but he hadn't paid his taxes in a number of years. Got off Scott free, too.