Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will Taxing Colleges Save Them

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>"David Horowitz’s The Professors offers many examples of campus indoctrination. Evan Coyne Maloney’s forthcoming film “Indoctrinate U” offers still more. Universities have had trouble distinguishing between education and propaganda. The trouble intensifies each year. In the 1980s, City College’s Professor Leonard Jeffries was a lone example when he claimed that whites are “ice people.” Today, anti-Semitism and propaganda increasingly dominate college campuses.

>"Although agenda-driven groups like the American Association of University Professors and the New York State United Teachers claim otherwise, universities no longer defend academic freedom as the freedom to debate ideas and theories based on scientific deduction and evidence. Instead, today’s professoriate defines academic freedom as the academic collective’s freedom from external expectations. But no institution ought to enjoy complete freedom from legal and social norms. Universities have no freedom to harass Jewish students; to propagandize; or to support liberal political candidates. These limitations on are not just ethical. They are enshrined in tax code section 501 (c) (3) and related regulations that grant universities tax exemptions worth tens of billions of dollars and allow donors to deduct their donations...."

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