Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bill Maher's The Decider : Affirmative Action for Liberals

HBO produces several good shows, such as the Sopranos, Entourage, Big Love , Curb Your Enthusiasm and the unbelievably talented Jemaine Clement 's and Bret McKenzie 's Flight of the Conchords. But most television has been a disappointment in recent years. The supply of good programs has been slowing to a trickle. After Law and Order, CSI, 24 and several others there isn't much, even if you spend $140/month and get every channel.

Last night my wife and I watched Bill Maher's Decider reluctantly, since when watching Bill Maher programs I feel like I'm being victimized by an affirmative action program for left wing liberals. HBO's ideology only permits liberal humor, and Bill Maher is the best that they can do given the HBO quota system of 19 liberals to zero conservatives.

Maher's inability to develop a range of material and his tiresome, ill informed harangues are about as entertaining as a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge. Blog impressario Larwyn watches Maher to laugh at him, not with him. Perhaps with the limited supply of talent Maher is the best that HBO can do. Maybe they would be better off going to New Zealand to find more talent like Clement and McKenzie.

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Kevin said...

I guess you never caught Dennis Miller's last two HBO specials.