Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red States versus Red, White, and Blue States

According to Wikipedia the Today Show introduced the terms "red state" and "blue state" during the 2000 election.  A quick look at the Today Show's website suggests that they have some great-looking babes working there, but I do not think that the Today Show's crew of televised mannequins ought to influence my or anyone else's political terminology. 

"Red" refers to socialism or communism. As Wikipedia also points out, the color red is linked to communism through its red flag and red star.

The Today Show is on globalist NBC, and they seem to have accidentally on purpose switched the meaning of "red" in keeping with a longstanding globalist theory of convergence.  One of the longstanding tactics of the descendents of the German historical school of economics and of Hegel, i.e., what might be called social democrats or members of the totalitarian Democratic Party of the United States, has been to confuse discussion by reversing symbolism.

For example, they have long called themselves "liberals," although they are not at all liberal; they are the reverse.  Having incurred public enmity toward the term "liberal," which never occurred when it was used to refer to libertarians, the social democrats then started using the equally deceptive term "progressive."  There is nothing progressive about their big-government ideas; government is the policy of stagnation. The social democrats advocate medieval policies, policies that were associated with centuries of the absence of progress.

The use of the term "red" to refer to backward, communistic states like New York and California is another of the Hegelians' word games. 

I don't see how anyone can use the term "red" to refer to freer states and "blue" to refer to the communistic states.  Rather, "red" should apply to New York, Illinois, California, and Michigan, and "red, white, and blue," the colors of the flag, should apply to the free states.

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