Sunday, September 1, 2013

United Conformists of America

The defining feature of American life is neither freedom nor democracy. It is conformity. Rather than create an economic and political system devoted to rights and democracy,  Americans have created one based on conformity-to-power. American democracy is not just the tyranny of the majority--it is the banality of the $250 prostitute who conforms to the desires of her john.  The  john is the boss who makes demands on those who work for him.  Political correctness in universities, groupthink in corporations, and obedience to military orders are fundamental to the large-scale organizations on which American life is based; one cannot flourish in America without making the fictitious pleasure moans of a prostituted yes-man.  The chief source of independence from the American whore house is accumulated wealth, but the media madams and pimps, and the government and corporate  racketeers who control them, impose high marginal tax rates that, prophylactically, prevent release.

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