Thursday, April 4, 2013

Democrats the Party of the Socio-Economic Elite

I have been going through campaign contributions of a variety of elite Americans: Nobel Prize winners, honorary degree recipients from Ivy League colleges, Hollywood screenwriters, and top-ranked actors.  They are predominantly Democrats, and, if they contribute, they predominantly contribute to the Democratic party.  I'm now wondering whom, exactly, the Republican Party represents.  It doesn't seem to represent high-paid professionals, high-achieving academics, or famous entertainers, so it must be that the GOP is the party of the working poor--the so-called middle class whom America's federal government, led by the Democratic Party for most of the past century, has impoverished.  To show that the Democratic Party is the party of the average American, the case has to be made that America's bailout generation is selfless--that Oprah Winfrey and Paul Krugman do not think of themselves, even unconsciously, in their political decision making.  Such a claim is far fetched.  Pigs do not fly, but they do act in their own interest.

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