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Carl Paladino on Sheldon Silver

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Subject: Sheldon Silver and the New York State Press a/k/a Wimps
Obviously you are not disposed to call for Sheldon 
Silver's resignation or even a Federal investigation 
of his corruption.  After all, he only embezzled 
$103,000 from the State treasury and in the context 
of his other high crimes and misdemeanors, what's the 
big deal?   Silver was only doing what he has always 
done.  He was bailing out his buddy Vito Lopez.  After 
all he is Sheldon Silver, the guy who wrote the book on 
intimidating the press with the denial of access.  Just 
ask Liz Benjamin and Jim Vielkind.  Is there no one in 
the spineless press who has the cohunes to stand up to 
this diabolic scoundrel?
Considering Silver's past, the press should be asking 
if it was quiet money to keep Vito's mouth shut about 
other topics?  We'll probably never know the answer to 
that because the press will let the good old Albany 
establishment boys bury the issue with a Special 
Prosecutor investigation that will go on forever 
and result in nothing.  Whenever politicians want 
to bury an issue they appoint a Special  Committee or 
Silver acknowledged  "a mistake was made."  Was it an 
intentional mistake?  The confidentiality clause, his 
long history of making such "mistakes" and the BS that 
other elected officials knew lead one to believe that 
it was an intentional and unforgivable mistake.   
What more do you need to demand his resignation?   
Silver is a poster child for term limits.  18 years 
of intimidation, arrogance, illusion and theatrics 
that the establishment boys call "skill."  He rules 
the entire State government with an iron fist.  We'll 
never see Tort, Malpractice or Workers Comp reform 
while he's there.  He gets a load of 
money from his personal injury law firm, and under 
the rules he has written, he is not required to 
disclose it.  We'll never see reform of the Wick's law, 
Taylor Law or Tri-borough Amendment which punish the 
taxpayers with mind boggling costs.  We'll also 
never see initiative and referendum which would 
give the taxpayers a real voice in their government.   
Silver thinks that three men in a room with one 
alpha dog works good for him. 
Mike Gormley's expert from someplace else tells us that 
Silver is out of the weeds because all his actions were 
known to the Comptroller and Attorney General.  What 
Mike didn't say is that both of them owe their jobs to 
Sheldon Silver and have been his puppets for years.  That 
doesn't work for the people Mike.   The "Joint Commission 
on Public Ethics" was personally picked by Silver.  That 
also doesn't work for the people Mike.
We know the press is just peachy with things as they are.  
The status quo suits you so well because it keeps the 
taxpayers dumbed down and cheap brainless staff keep your 
profit margins up.  You can sell the people of New York just 
about any garbage.  They eat it up.  They accept mediocrity 
and failure because the press has told them that they can't 
do anything about it.  Those who can get out.  Meanwhile 
guys like Silver keep the entitlements rich to bring more 
dregs to New York to enhance the effort for a permanent 
democratic majority.  Silver recently showed just how 
far he has gone off the reservation by proposing that New 
York State taxpayers give financial aid to educate any 
illegal in America.  Who wants to stick around to pay 
for that burden?
Corruption is rampant in Albany because Shelly Silver is 
not only involved and complicit but he also protects the 
criminality of his followers when one of his bottom fish 
gets caught with dirty hands.  
Silver's attitude has now evolved to the absurd.  He 
alone can violate the rules of the Assembly and disburse 
taxpayer money with impunity and without prior consultation 
or approval.  He uses taxpayer money to ensure loyalty.  What 
possible theory could justify the use of taxpayer money to 
resolve a sexual harassment allegation?  What other actions 
of this man will raise the red flag?  Why is a downstate 
District Attorney, who associates with the good old boy 
establishment RINO's, selected as the Special Prosecutor 
instead of a more objective upstate DA who would be less 
inclined to belabor the proper dissection of an 18 year 
career of arrogant larceny and intimidation.  If anyone 
else embezzled $103,000 the press would be calling for 
the construction of a gallows prior to giving him or her 
a fair trial.
The question is why is this particular government 
official above the law.  For anyone else in government 
it would be embezzlement.  For Shelly it's just another 
day of taking care of his friends and family club.   
The press could get by its cowardly image if it followed 
its role model,NY Times, and jumped at this opportunity 
to take down the man that even his friends refer to as the 
Silver is vengeful and his retaliation is unmerciful.  For 
me, as the greater fool, it's a call to arms. For spineless 
cowards like the editors and reporters (and publishers) of 
the New York State press it would be an earth-shattering 
bold change of policy.  It would require actual research and 
a major effort to connect the dots and we all know the 
reluctance of the Albany press corps [Tom Precious of the 
Buffalo News included.]   They don't like controversy and 
are only capable of tweaking up feel good press releases.   
Here in Buffalo there would probably be a big problem for 
Stan Lipsey who's friends and family club members Jordan 
Levy and Howard Zemsky may be found on Silver's dance 
card when the Feds start following the money.  Do they do 
each other big favors?  Are investment tips the quid pro 
quo for handsome multi-million dollar subsidies from the 
taxpayers for their projects?  The money comes from one 
of Shelly's "off the books" vehicles like his private 
stash of taxpayer cash which some refer to as the 
Dormitory Authority.  
He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.
If you agree with the above, forward it to your 
friends and family.

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