Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rosa Koire Speaks to Town of Olive on Agenda 21

H/t Sean Bigler.

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Pam O'Dell, GardinersRight said...

We have first hand knowledge of Scenic Byway in Gardiner. Route 208 is a designated SB. Our one, and only remaining gas station in Gardiner (by decree of the most updated Zoning Code, it's the only one that will ever be allowed.) is in the process of replacing their underground tanks. The station owners decided that while the site was being torn up anyway, they wanted to rebuild and update the entire site, including the market building. Many months of ZBA and Planning Board meetings later, I learned, while there for another issue, that the plans for the proposed site updates were sent out not only to the Ulster County Planning board for comment, but also Scenic Byway! So, they have clout in terms of what happens with our little gas station here in rural Gardiner. Be very afraid.