Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is This for Real? Was JFK Shot by His Driver?

Sharad Karkhanis forwarded this video. It depicts the Kennedy assassination, but unlike any other footage it shows the driver shooting.  There are a few alternative explanations:

(1) The driver was shooting at someone other than JFK or John Connolly
(2) The tape is altered
(3) The driver's shooting is an optical illusion

The following is the e-mail Sharad sent me:

If this hasn't been altered it certainly a big WOW and would also explain why the "investigation" never came up with anything other then Oswald as the killer.... an inside job investigated by the perps.
Apparently, Jackie Kennedy always believed L.B.J. Was the one responsible for JFK's death and her private papers were supposed to have been kept secret for 75 years. However, the Kennedy daughter has just decided to release the papers, early, over her deceased mother's desire for privacy. Did she decide to release her mother's papers to coincide with the release of this video ? Who knows more about the attached who filmed it and where it has been all these years... And who the driver was ... And what happened to him...
THIS is Jaw dropping !
Watch closely......
Lyndon Johnson said on TV the day after the Kennedy assassination that the world would never know all the facts surrounding Kennedy's killing for 75 years until the complete file of information would be revealed. Walter Cronkite announced on TV, that the Nation could not handle the full truth in that Century. Well, only 47 years have passed since Kennedy's assassination.
This is hard to fake and is very chilling....... Who was driving the limo?
This video shows the limousine chauffeur that takes President J.F.K. And his wife, November 22nd 1963 in Dallas , Texas , shooting the gun with his left hand. This was the video that the CIA did not show to the public view. And did you ask yourself why was Jackie trying to run away towards the trunk, away from the front of the car? And why was JFKs skull wound in the front, when supposedly, Oswald was to have shot him from the back?
Watch the attached video . 

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