Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ron Paul Revolution circa 1969

You say you love the constitution
Well, you know
Building a moon colony means it’s dead
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
First learn what the constitution said
And if you go carrying pictures of Rick Sanitarium
You ain't going to make it with anyone not suffering from delirium
Don't you know it's gonna be all right,
If you vote for Paul,
All right, if you vote for Paul,
Ah, ah, ah, ah…


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul (and supporters) R.I.P.

The Tea Party is, and will continue to CRUSH your lame ass candidate.
You will lose.
Trust me.

Mitchell Langbert said...

And your point is what? If you lived in the Soviet Union, you would have supported the communists because the majority did? If you lived in Germany, you would have supported Hitler?

What makes you an American? Supporting Gingrich, you couldn't possibly care what the Constitution says.

I hope you're doing really well financially because the Democratic-and-Republican Party has cost you about half your standard of living through the paper money system. Keep voting for Gingrich, you'll keep getting poorer. The majority is getting poorer, and they keep voting for the people who make them poorer. And you're bragging to me that you're voting with the majority?

I'll give you this bet: Gingrich or Sanitarium will lose against Obama. I'll bet you $100.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how you will react when Obama wins his second term?

Mitchell Langbert said...

Obama is repugnant to me, but if you think that he is much different from Speaker Moonbeam or Sanitarium, you are deluding yourself. While it's true that the Republicans have not tended to increase spending the way the Democrats have, they have done nothing to eliminate the Democratic waste once it goes into effect. The GOP attacked Bill Clinton, an exception to the Democratic pattern, repeatedly; Clinton was little different from Ronald Reagan in terms of what he did to the level of federal government spending. At the same time, Bush raised spending considerably, and he incurred massive new debts that were unknown in the Clinton years. Obama is worse, but with a Republican Congress to restrain him, he won't be able to do that much harm. A loss by Sanitarium will be healthy, as a libertarian commentator has noted, because it will teach the GOP that a social conservative cannot win. Also, from a libertarian standpoint Obama is better than Sanitarium on personal freedom issues. Speaker Moonbeam has demonstrated that he can spend as much as Obama. A moon base with 13,000 residents would cost in the many trillions. Speaker Moonbeam is a lunatic.

So how would I feel? Depressed, but no less depressed than I would feel with a Moonbeam or Sanitarium presidency.