Friday, October 21, 2011

State Senator Bonacic (R-NY) Sees No Crime in Public Housing

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I received the following from Patriot246:

If you have read the links which I sent you earlier this week and if you have checked the elections donations websites for Senator Bonacic you will see the connection between this senator and Regan Development. We need to let Senator Bonacic know that we are aware of his continuing support for this Un-AFFORDABLE Housing Project. Please call him at 518-455-3181 or email him at 

 We suggest that you ask him the following questions:

1) "Does your support for the Dickinson's Keep project in Saugerties stem from your receipt of campaign contributions from Larry Regan? "

2. "Is Dickinson Keep being financed with our federal taxpayers dollars through Hinchey?"

3. " Why do you continue to support this project knowing it will dramatically increase the property tax burden on your Saugerties constituents and in some cases cause them to lose their own home in order to subsidize it?"

 I'd appreciate hearing the results of your call.

Together we can win this!!!

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