Thursday, August 11, 2011

Republican Presidential Debate: Where Was Gary Johnson?

I was underwhelmed with the candidates on tonight's GOP presidential debate. The candidates have a high degree of professionalism.  The only legitimate limited government candidate is Ron Paul.  The format of the debate prohibited intelligent discussion about issues, which worked against Paul.

I was disappointed that Gary Johnson was not invited; Paul was the best candidate there. I don't agree with him about Iran and the Middle East,  although a broad reduction in military intervention around the world, say 50%,  is an excellent idea.  I dislike the federal marriage amendment to which only Paul objected.  The Republicans thereby revealed themselves as equal to the Democrats in favoring extension of federal power.  Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are big government guys, and Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann are hardly better than they are.   Gingrich's claim that Reagan fostered sound money is a nonsensical lie. None of the candidates other than Paul will address the country's underlying problems.

I like Herman Cain, but he lacks experience. He should serve in Congress for a few years.   Mitt Romney is also a big government guy, and I don't like him, but he may be the only one capable of defeating Obama. I'm not sure that a Romney presidency would be great, but perhaps his credentials in establishing a health care plan in Massachusetts would enable him to repeal Obamacare and Sarbanes Oxley.  I think I heard him say that he would. I'm still not sure I can vote for him. If the polls are predicting a Republican Congress, I think I will vote for the Libertarian Party rather than Romney.

Several of the candidates claimed that states' rights would lead to polygamy. I don't think it would, but if it did, so what?  Heck, I'll move to Utah and give Freda some competition.  Nothing like a ménage à trois (better make sure Freda doesn't read this).  This pompous junk makes me ill. Polygamy is in the Bible. Who says it requires a constitutional amendment? And why are these big government Republicans looking for ever new ways to bug people who have tastes that are different from theirs?   

I am going to vote for Ron Paul.  Absent his victory I will probably vote for Romney in the election if it's not clear that the GOP is winning Congress.  If it is, I will vote for the Libertarian Party presidential candidate.  If Santorum, Gingrich or Huntsman gain the nomination I will not vote for them.  If Gary Johnson, Ron Paul or another libertarian ran on a third party ticket, they would have my vote regardless of what the GOP is doing at the congressional level.

Ron Paul needs a better platform to discuss the Fed. It's great he's raising the issue on national TV, but most of the knuckleheads watching probably don't know what he's talking about.


Anonymous said...

As a long time Republican with strong Libertarian leanings, the only problem I have with Ron Paul is that he doesn't state how he would turn the Fed monstrosity around. He keeps saying the Fed should "Butt out", but never states how to undo the legaslative mess that gives them all that power.

Also, the MSM has spent decades painting Mr. Paul as a nut! It's hard to get the "sheeple" to pay attention and take him seriously.

I am afraid we're going to end up with Romney as our nominee! And, like you, I just can't pull the lever for him!

Mairi said...

Even FOX is trying to make certain candidates look like "non-starters". FOX has set their own agenda already, and they will be "pushing" the few they have selected as "potential" contenders.....minus anyone else who should be included.
I am sick and tired of having media moguls decide elections based on their political agenda. We have watched this happen far too often in the past, and the most perfect recent example was John McAmnesty.
This has GOT to end!
I am looking forward to hearing more from Judge Roy Moore. I think those who are able, on their individual blog sites, should devote as much time and energy as possible to candidates who will NEVER be heard from on a major news outlet, including FOX!
Let's give'em HELL, Mitchell!

Mitchell Langbert said...

Go Mairi. Lisa, it's a tough call this year. The Obama rock and the Romney hard place. If Paul or Johnson run as an independent (or if someone else runs as an independent, and I would like to see Thomas Sowell)then I would support the third party.