Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama's Unpresidential Prank Is a Civil Liberties Threat

Two nights ago Mike Marnell, publisher of Kingston, NY's Lincoln Eagle, called me to tell me that he had just seen President Obama interrupt Donald Trump's reality television show, The Apprentice, to announce the death of Osama bin Laden. President Obama had singled out Trump's program because Trump had been rattling him about his unwillingness to release his birth certificate and his and's past lies about the vault copy. Now that Obama has released the vault copy,'s claim that the COLB was the vault copy eliminates the pro-Obama site's very name. It should call itself ""

I dislike Trump as much as Obama (that is, I both dislike Trump and Obama and I dislike Trump as much as Obama dislikes him). But singling out a specific citizen's TV show because of that citizen's protest is unpresidential. In effect, Obama has stooped to Trump's level in deliberately interrupting the season's final episode of The Apprentice. News as momentous as the bin Laden capture should not be used to play petty politics. Obama has once again demonstrated his pettiness, just as he did with his silly game over the birth certificate.

A friend told me that she recently had lunch with a local left wing activist who expressed considerable disappointment with President Obama. I am not disappointed in Obama. He has done everything that I said that he would.  Now that Obama has entered a third war, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee might consider entering a different line of work.  Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize committee might consider donating its endowment to a worthy cause.

Obama's targeting of a specific citizen creates an unfortunate precedent. Given his complete failure in the economic realm, his massive expansion of wealth and income inequality through his unprecedented subsidies to Wall Street and commercial banks, his hamstringing of the American economy through his interference with oil and gas exploration, and his inability to refrain from increasing the number of wars in which the US is engaged, his inability to function in a presidential manner does not surprise me.

But there are additional dangers associated with his attack on Trump and on freedom of speech.

Update: Pinni Bohm gave me this link to Obama's speech at the White House correspondents' dinner. Obama is reaching new unpresidential lows.


Anonymous said...

I bet that the Food Network is also upset that their programming was interrupted; and the History Channel and the A&E channel. And I am upset that it was interrupted not by an American but by a Kenyan Muslim. An investigation and an impeachment is in order.
BTW, neither NBC not Trump have complained about this interruption and the infringement of their First Amendment Freedoms. Go Figure.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Yes, he timed it for the Food Network. You haven't explained his and his Fed's $12 trillion donation to Wall Street. I guess Obama's supporters are big on income inequality after all. And, of course, entering a third war in Libya. Clearly, Obama is a man of peace. He only increased the number of Bush's wars by 50%.

NBC? You mean Obama's GE-owned sponsors? Why would they complain? Obama is on their payroll.

As far as Trump, he is too slow witted to complain.