Saturday, March 12, 2011

David Horowitz at Brooklyn College

David Horowitz writes a long article about his talk at Brooklyn College on his online e-zine, Frontpagemag.  Pamela Hall has graciously posted a video of Horowitz's entire talk.  I introduce Yosef Sobel, the student who put the event together, at the beginning. The catcalls and disruptions of Horowitz's talk begin about twenty minutes in. I intervened at best semi-successfully. The security was excellent thanks to the hard work of Brooklyn College's security chief Donald Wenz,  CUNY Trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld and Bill Barry.  At the very end I ask the leader of the Palestinian Club protesters (the students do not identify themselves as such but Horowitz identifies them in his article) to state his response to Mr. Horowitz. He does not make a single substantive point in response. Instead, he hurls an inarticulate stream of invective, backed by his confederate across the room who calls everyone with whom he disagrees a Nazi.

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Gerard said...

I remember there being a Muslim Students Association when I was matriculating, but I never heard of a Palestine Club. It must have been created after I graduated from Brooklyn College.

Elaine said...

Bravo to Prof. Mitchell Langbert for finding the space and to David Horowitz for speaking the truth so courageously. We Jews must not be afraid and must confront our enemies and embrace our friends.
Elaine Evans