Monday, December 13, 2010

GOP Torch Song: It's Over

Thomas Santopietro of the Kingston-Rhinebeck Tea Party asked me to give a brief talk at the meeting this evening. My friend Glenda McGee happened to be in my office when he called and she pulled a few articles (here and here) about the GOP's and the Democrats' corrupt tax deal of this past week.  Tom asked me to speak because I had predicted a major let-down for the Tea Party a year ago (Tom had looked at an old e-mail I had sent) and although I did not know any of the details until Glenda pulled the information, the utter mockery with which the GOP is treating the Tea Party comes as no surprise.

My message to the Hudson Valley Tea Partiers is that they need to view a third party as a realistic strategy and to view the GOP as the real threat that the Tea Party faces.  Tea Partiers who advocate for the GOP over the public interest do not belong in the Tea Party.  I say this as a member of my Town's Republican Committee, which has been  decimated by public revulsion at the corrupt Bush administration as well as the transformation of the Catskills into a New York City suburb for super-rich New Yorkers.

Please allow Roy Orbison to convey the message the Tea Party needs to hear. With respect to the big government, special interest driven morons who dominate the GOP, the Tea Party's honeymoon is, or ought to be, over. 


Anonymous said...

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Cindy said...

Tea Partiers should remain independent - and not be "behind" anyone who is not of their beliefs. Plain and simple. Why not back a candidate that has the same structure as you would like them to have? Who says they have to be Republican? Or Democrat? I do NOT think the Tea Party should become a third party - just back the best candidates for the job at hand. It would not hurt if they found those candidates and nurtured them - but once they become an entity like the GOP or DNC - you will have lost the goals of the Tea Party movement.

Anonymous said...

No third party. That would let the Dems win win win. The Tea Party is going to do just what it was intended to do. Take back the GOP in the name of the people and get back to basic conservative goals as well as adhere to the Constitution of the United States. Doing that will take longer than one election. This won't be easy nor will it be fast.

-"allow Roy Orbison to convey the message the Tea Party needs to hear" ?
"the Tea Party's honeymoon is, or ought to be, over"?

Your a sellout for blogging this crap and I suggest you pack up and leave as you have no balls at all. How dare you talk crap about the best thing that just happened in almost 30+Yrs. The Tea party is the best hope you've/we've had in many many yrs to try to get back to common sense politics, and still you trash talk us. The Tea Party elects don't even start their job for two more weeks and your all ready judging the job there doing. Your a spoiled rotten pig.