Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good and Bad New Bills Proposed

The above video asserts:

-HR 6145 and S 3791 introduced by Tom Coburn would require Congressmen to pay their taxes.  S 3790, introduced by Tom Coburn, would make people who do not pay their taxes ineligible for federal employment.  It would kick Tim Geithner out of his job.

-S 510 introduce by Dick Durbin is a sneaky way to introduce world government.  S 3628, introduced by Chuck Schumer, would prohibit government contractors and foreign government is an attempt to silence freedom oriented activists.

-HR 6134 would provide for a 10% reduction of pay for Congressmen and to reduce labor costs of Congress.

It is not clear which of these bills is likely to pass. But rather than watch television news, a better use of your time would be to contact your Congressman and give him or her your opinion on these bills.

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