Monday, July 5, 2010

Paladino Opposes Ground Zero Mosque

 Michael Caputo of the Paladino campaign just forwarded this New York Post article:

>Andrew Cuomo and his GOP challengers are splitting sharply on the hotly contested question of building a mosque near Ground Zero, even as they're in surprising agreement on the need to cut taxes and spending.

Attorney General Cuomo said he favored building the mosque, which polls show is opposed by most city residents, including many who say it would be an insult to 9/11 victims...

...Buffalo builder and megamillionaire Carl Paladino, a Tea Party activist expected to challenge Lazio in the GOP primary, said, "I am dead set against the mosque at Ground Zero because it's an affront to Americans everywhere.

"It just doesn't make sense to build a needlessly bold and insulting statement on hallowed ground where radical Islamists declared war on America."

Read more of Fred Dicker's column at the New York Post HERE:

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