Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama Stimulus Has Failed

Remember the 2009 stimulus? Remember Barney Frank and his Merry Band of Democratic Party Idiots and their economic advisors telling us that Keynes's ideas really do work despite a century of failure?  (Their reasoning: how else can we subsidize all-thumbs investment and commercial bankers and hedge fund managers?)

It turns out that a nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus has not improved the jobs picture.  The economics profession is to the economy as doctors like Benjamin Rush who used to use leeches to draw blood are to medicine. 

Unfortunately, quite a few Republicans are just as incompetent as the Democrats. Examples are George W. Bush and his compeer in idiocy and greed, Rick Lazio, the New York State GOP gubernatorial candidate who was instrumental in obtaining $25 billion for JP Morgan during the Bush administration's bailout days.

The ways and means Republicans sent the above table. Scroll down to see how much damage the Democrats’ deficit spending stimulus bill has done in your state.  The three exceptions are North Dakota, Alaska, and of course Washington, DC.

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