Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama = Hitler

I found this timeless classic on Youtube.  It captures the Obama administration to a "T".  If you've seen it before, you'll want to see it again.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Liston to this, it will give you chills!


-11/05/08 the first day of Obama winning the presidency, the Lottery numbers for his home State of Illinois were 6-6-6

Doug Plumb said...

Dennis Cuddy has done a series of very interesting talks on the influence of the NAZI's on todays political sphere at radioliberty.com

According to Cuddy, Hitler was just a small player, so is Obama.

I think the German NAZI's won the war - they got their Third Reich - the UN. They got a bigger tax base and more wars to fund the underground movement.

The war made it possible for the American banksters to oppress and tax populations further as well keep a close eye on any groups that may be well aware of what is going on. Many examples of persecutions of certain conservatives, Kennedy, although a democrat wanted to shut down the CIA and print US currency.