Saturday, April 17, 2010

Massachusetts Tea Partiers Should Vote Libertarian in 2012

If Massachusetts conservatives and supporters of small government want to send a message in 2012 and not waste their vote, the best way to do so would be to vote for the Libertarian Party rather than Scott Brown.  Having been snookered earlier this year into having spent precious resources to elect a "Progressive," anyone who favors small government ought to see to it that the Brown drama has a denouement.  The Libertarian Party is a preferable alternative to Brown, who just snubbed the Tea Party after it had helped him so much.  Should the Libertarian Party get 20% of the Massachusetts vote, that would send a message at least as loud to the politicians in Washington as was Brown's Pyrrhic victory.


Eric Dondero said...

You may be interested to know that many of us Real Libertarians supported Brown, enthusiastically, I might add. I even sent him a $25 contribution, and I'm a 25+ Year Libertarian member. Most Republicans are Libertarians at heart, and certain Scott Brown, who is "fiscally conservative yet socially tolerant and strong on defense," fits that mode.

He was practically recruited to run by Libertarian Republican State Sen. Bob Hedlund. Apparently, you're not even aware of that fact.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Most Republicans are not libertarian. I was unaware of a libertarian/Brown connection, but his record so far does not reveal it. I do not believe he is fiscally conservative. This sounds like one more lie, such as "George Bush is a compassionate conservative." Where exactly has he proven himself to be sympathetic to libertarian ideas?

Your claim that most Republicans are Libertarians at heart is nonsensical. Of the Republican presidents for the past 100 years, only Reagan came close to being sympathetic to some libertarian ideas, and in the end Reagan was a Keynesian supply sider and not a libertarian. Spending did not subside under his administraiton.

Instead, most Republicans, including most Massachusetts Republicans, are Progressives. The Republicans (Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Herbert Hoover) invented Progressivism in the political sphere and all Republican presidents and most other elected officials, especially in the northeast, have been Progressives ever since.

Sorry Brown fooled you.