Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ulster County Young Republican Club Percolates

The Ulster County Young Republican Club is moving forward. Andrew Winchell, Erich Deagostino, Zachary Nathan Keck and Rachel met with County Committee Executive Director Robin Yess, Joe Toscano, County Chair Mario Catalano and me this morning. The group was brimming with ideas and excitement. I expect that it will take off, especially given the group's great quality.

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Phil Orenstein said...

This is most encouraging. I was encouraged as well, when I spoke to a student from University of Michigan yesterday at the rally in Garden City. He is a conservative and leader of the campus Republicans. He says they are growing by leaps and bounds. As they speak one on one to other students their true beliefs in freedom, liberty and free market principles come out in the open when they don't need to be intimidated into rehashing the politically correct mantras. Their dorm had boistrous celebrations when Scott Brown was elected!