Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repeated Betrayals by the Media, GOP Leadership

Members of the freedom movement will have to create their own leadership from scratch and must never trust media sources. Someone posted a complaint that I have unfairly questioned Glenn Beck. Actually, if anyone thinks that Glenn Beck is trustworthy or that he should not be questioned, rather than reading my blog please pick up a subscription to the New York Times, because trust is for suckers.

The freedom movement has no, I repeat no, representative on the national level. If you favor big government, then trust Mitt Romney and Sarah Pailin.

As far as Beck goes, when the chips were down, he favored the bailout. We will see if he continues to favor pro Wall Street candidates like Rick Perry or Mitt Romney. I have yet to hear of Beck proposing an alternative to the Federal Reserve system. This might include competitive money supplies, repeal of the legal tender law, or advocacy of the gold standard or other commodity basis for money. Unless government's and Wall Street's ability to expand the money supply at your expense is curtailed, government will continue to grow and you will continue to become poorer.

If you want to be loyal to a TV personality, pick someone with credibility, like Mickey Mouse or the Three Stooges. My favorite was always Curly. In news and politics, I have no reason to believe in anyone at this point in history. If you want a savior, go to church, don't watch TV news.


Mairi said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Mitchell. Beck is doing a good job bringing some of the dots together, but he never really quite connects them all. His admonishment to always "Question with Boldness" makes me sick when we see how he treats those who demand Barack's removal for ineligibility. He tries to portray himself as a strict "Constitutional" follower, but then.....oh that pesky eligibility thing the Founders wrote no attention to THAT! RIIIIIIGHT! If Barack weren't in office, we may never have seen this mad dash of Progressives so clearly. But he still must be removed. End of story!

Cindy said...

If Beck has been advocating anything - his message has been repeatedly to get back to the constitution and follow our forefathers in their wisdom. It's to let the bank system fail - and rebuild itself with the best of the best - not the propped up version that we have now... same with auto industry and everything else Government wants to put it's mitts on... Beck also admits that he was for the bailout for ABOUT THREE DAYS until he found out how it was going to be used. I wish everyone would stop taking bits and pieces and using them for their own agendas. Of all the people out there - BECK is the only one standing in front of the people and telling it like it is AND offering ways to correct it... VOTE OUT those who are there - both REPUBLICANS and DEMS...Both are to blame...

Mitchell Langbert said...

Cindy, I hope you're right. I have nothing against Beck. But Fox did not do a good job in September '08, and I don't think that was by accident.

As I say, it's good to talk in generalities about rebuilding the banking system, but banking is largely a government/political construct, and there needs to be an overview about how to rebuild.

The boom and bust system of paper currency leads to failures and pressure for subsidies to failed banks.

Beck ought to be clear. Does he support the current system with a theoretical modification to resolve to not support banks? It seems to me that the resolution is for New Year's only. It will dissolve whenever political pressure is strong enough.

Does Beck support repeal of the law mandating the greenback as legal tender? Does he support legalization of private currencies? Does he support a commodity or gold standard? Let him come clean.

Otherwise, I'm for Beck. I am delighted that there is finally one announcer on television who does not adhere religiously to the Progressive line.

As I say, I hope you're right.