Friday, January 29, 2010

The Worst State of the Union Address in Modern Times

Calling last night's state of the union address the worst in modern times, Jim Crum just sent me this link to Politics Daily, which offers a useful analysis of the spectacle:

"What made the speech a bit bizarre, and somewhat alarming, is how detached from reality the president is. After having spent much of his time blaming his predecessor for his own failures, he said he was "not interested in re-litigating the past." Barack Obama lamented waging a "perpetual campaign" – even though that is what the president, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs and others in his employ do on a daily basis. He said, "Washington may think that saying anything about the other side, no matter how false, is just part of the game" – yet his White House has played that very game with zest and delight."

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