Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joe Toscano's "We the People" Blog

Joe Toscano is a former currency trader from Brooklyn (a Brooklyn College alum from the 1970s) who is currently a member of the Ulster County Republican Committee and resident of the Town of Ulster. He is also a public relations expert and consultant. He has started a new blog, "We the People 4 ever". at http://wethepeople4ever.blogspot.com/

In one of his opening blogs, Joe notes that:

"Our elected officials are detached, the press, disengaged and 'Paid Political Pundits' are so full of useless information, (their own opinions), they make the Talking Heads look like heroes."

Well put. He adds that

"It’s nice to see the banking sector made out ok though, did any of you notice an improvement in your financial position? I read in the Wall Street Journal that Goldman Sacks had it’s best year ever! Was 2009 one of your best years financially?"

I've been wondering about that too! I am very excited about Joe's blog and am looking forward to his further work.

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