Sunday, January 31, 2010

CPAC in Three Weeks

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meeting is in three weeks. I will not attend for various practical reasons. Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker and makes some useful comments in this video:

What CPAC ought to be asking of candidates is two things:

1. Did you support the Wall Street bailout? Will you support a future bailout?
2. What is your specific plan for overcoming bureaucratic resistance to cutting waste and incompetence?


vakeraj said...

I will likely be attending, although, as a libertarian, I am much more skeptical of the conservative moment to identify sound principles and implement them.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear Vakeraj: I would love to have a few people request that Marco Rubio outline his position on the Bush bailout (the bailout conceived by Henry Paulson and approved by Bush and McCain as well as Obama in October 2008) and on the Fed. Someone should question Rubio when he's speaking--"What's your stand on the Bush bailout?"