Saturday, December 5, 2009

Democrats: the Party of Selfishness, Greed

The "Progressive" Republicans and Democrats, the parties of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama, have created a system where each aims to steal from each. This system has crystallized most completely in New York State, where the Service Employees' International Union has formed a one million strong unit whose aim is to expand the public sector to create ever greater numbers of unproductive government jobs. New York's economy is no longer founded on productive economic work but rather on the Wall Street bubble economy, which depends on government extraction of wealth from the rest of the world via the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bush-Obama bailout.

The way the Progressive Republicans and Democrats accomplish the wealth extraction is that the Fed deposits monetary reserves in the money center banking system, which is empowered to lend a larger amount (up to six or seven times as much) to the public. The first borrowers are Wall Street banks and hedge funds. The increased monetary reserves push down interest rates and push up the stock market, as has recently occurred. Wall Street benefits. The money circulates, and the poor pay higher prices. Propagandists for Wall Street such as William Greider in his book Secrets of the Temple deny this mechanical process, claiming that inflation affects all neutrally. That is also the claim of university economists. A moment's reflection makes clear that this is impossible. Most of the money is lent to hedge funds, for corporate takeovers, the carry trade and real estate speculation. By the time the money circulates through the economy, its purchasing power has diminished. Only fools would claim otherwise.

Perhaps no phenomena better testifies to the authoritarian greed of the Democratic Party and the "Progressive" Republicans than the bailout, which some have predicted will eventually amount to as much as $24 trillion. All of the advocates of remedying "income inequality" among the Democrats and the "Progressive Republicans" supported this massive transfer to the wealthy in unison.

The Democrats are a party of school teachers who do not educate but demand higher salaries; unions whose workers expect make work jobs; government employees who produce nothing but demand large raises; trial attorneys whose work cripples the economy but lobby for laws that protect their privileges; and on and on.

Karl Popper makes the point in his book Open Society and Its Enemies that, 2,500 years ago, Plato intentionally confused the debate concerning individualism versus collectivism. Plato was a communist who believed in tight state control of every aspect of human existence. To defend this claim, he equated selfishness and individualism. He claimed that collectivism, violent control of humanity, was justice.

The Democrats are very much in the Platonic tradition. Their advocacy of extremist versions of environmental regulation that would impose high costs on homeowners via the cap and trade provision is only the beginning. In upstate New York, Congressman Maurice Hinchey has proposed a plan to turn the Hudson Valley into a federal park. The extent of regulation in a federal park under the regulatory authority of the cap and trade administrator is potentially crushing. The very people who will potentially be forced to leave their homes because of cap and trade continue to applaud Mr. Obama.

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