Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christophobia: A Left-Wing Bigotry

Fear and hatred of any group of people is wrong for several reasons. First it is unfair. Second it is exclusionary. Third, it is counter-productive. For that reason, I am distressed at the ongoing anti-Christian Christophobia I have been witnessing in libertarian and in left wing circles. The idea that "all Christians are bigots" or that "all Christians are authoritarian" has gained currency among educated urban elites. This parallels the prejudice against the inner directed that David Riesmann displayed in his otherwise classic book Lonely Crowd. The notion that urban consumerists are superior to Christian and Lockean "hicks" has simply gone too far for too long. I am tired of the hate.

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admin said...

I do agree that a person may be both Christian and libertarian. And I am such myself. However, I do have to note that many Christians are giving up the principles of limited government and freedom in order to promote Christian ideals, which cannot be tolerated. Christian ideal, or any, should not be promoted through government, because doing so is no better than promoting the morality of the left's welfare state.