Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anne Marie Harpen

I had previously blogged about Anne Marie Harpen's moving song, "Walk the Streets in Anger" on the Youtube video above (h/t Contrairimairi).

Anne Marie just posted a response to the blog as follows:

>Thank you for featuring my video and the kind words. I have a songblog with other songs and link to my CD. You made my day!

Anne Marie Harpen

I will certainly check out Anne Marie's site. Someone else added the comment:

>Anne Harpen just sent me five of her new CD's called "Walk The Streets In Anger." The title song electrified me in August of '09 when I first heard it. You cry and then you become stronger and work to end this "soft tyranny" as Mark Levin calls it. The CD may be sent for at:

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